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Warmly celebrate our company in Shanghai bus group bus clutch by straight for bidding procurement pr

Held a few days ago, I took part in the Shanghai bus group bus clutch by straight for the bidding and procurement and once again the winning in the fierce competition, which proves that the angels of the company's products and services get the user's fully affirmed.

Shanghai bus (group) co., LTD. Is a wholly state-owned large-scale backbone enterprise of specialized is engaged in the city bus passenger transport, was founded in 1992, the registered capital is 300 million yuan RMB.Scope of business involves the city traffic, rent, rail transit, intercity passenger high-speed passenger passenger and car rental, travel and tourism, modern logistics,

Electronic commerce and culture and sports, and many other industries.Currently operating in Shanghai urban transit and intercity high-speed passenger line 600, 17000 have all kinds of operating vehicles, more than 50000 employees, is Shanghai's largest ground transportation enterprises.

The project bidding success, also marks the company all staff's hard work I have a welcome return.We will make persistent efforts, create brilliant!